Bigger Picture, Bigger Skill Set

In my last blog I touched on who should own the people side of the business if an organisation is going to transform itself into a truly employee-centric entity.  HR, Marketing and Internal Communications all have the right to ‘own’ this very important area but who should and who does.

It made me think about my own positioning and how to define myself when talking to clients.

I am a qualified Coach, performance development and employee engagement specialist and  I used to work in marketing, comms, PR, sponsorship and events.  I use all skills and intertwine them to create lively and engaging people programmes and workshops.

I then add to the mix my 22 years of experience,  business acumen and the commercial skills I gained in sponsorship and  ensure the programmes are aligned to the client’s business objectives  and have a long-term, solution-focused twist .

To glue all the above together, my new Pritt stick is a Post Graduate course in the Psychology of Organisational Development & Change. 

So what am I?:

  • A Corporate Coach with expertise in Change, Conflict Resolution, Career, Team & Leadership
  • A Learning & Development Specialist
  •  An Employee Engagement and Internal Communications Expert
  •  An Employee Brand Engagement Expert
  • An Organisational Development & Change Specialist

 I got asked the other day by someone in Recruitment, “so are you an L&D Specialist or an Employee Engagement Specialist?”  My response was and is I am all of the above and feel by saying only one area is seriously devaluing what I can offer.

I believe that using all the above complementary skills will deliver a highly effective, engaging and impactful people proposition.  Using each area of expertise as a stand alone works, but an organisation that seriously wants to transform to an employee-centric workplace is already thinking bigger picture and therefore should engage those with a bigger complementary skill set equipped to handle such change.


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