Nice things our clients have said about us – Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer“Capitalise structured, developed and delivered an agenda to support a 2 day ‘Go Getting Team Event’ for the new Al Futtaim Marks & Spencer team. The brief was to plan and deliver an event to help the team understand how we can become connected, aligned and motivated as a team which consisted of 12 new people, 6 promoted people and 4 members of the team that have moved into new roles. The event consisted of bespoke workshops for a team of 34 people which resulted in committing to the team’s designed alliance, understanding change and the impact it has on a team and individuals, a team’s charter agreement to secure a plan that will support the 5 year business growth, understanding the importance of communication and the effective flow of information, understanding the business priorities and demonstrating what a successful, highly dymanic team looks like. Capitalise skillfully managed the workshops to ensure that all members of the team contributed and committed to a plan that supported the business growth plans. It was a great success and the team are now equipped to work efficiently and effectively. A big thank you to Joss and Jenny who were a pleasure to work with.”

Julie Howett, Marks & Spencer

View photos at our Programmes & Workshops page


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